Extraordinary Claims. Consortium


Claims of an extraordinary nature are those covered by the Insurance Compensation Consortium that is a state-owned body depending on the Ministry of Finance.  Therefore the Consortium operates as an Insurance Company although it is state-owned and not private and consequently has the utmost reliability since its solvency is guaranteed by the State. The following are considered Extraordinary Claims.


>  Phenomenon’s of nature: earthquakes and seaquakes, extraordinary floods (including buffeting of waves), volcanic eruptions, atypical cyclone storms (including extraordinary gusts of winds exceeding 120 km/h and tornados) and fall of meteorites.

>  Those caused by violence as a consequence of terrorism, rebellion, sedition, mutiny and popular rising.

> Facts or actions by the Armed Forces or State Security Forces and Corps in time of peace.


Once the claim of extraordinary nature has happened (for instance floods), the Insured must report to the consortium either directly or through its Broker. In a short time the Consortium shall appoint an Expert who shall contact the Insured to start the advisory service. The Consortium Experts are freelance professionals who usually work for said Entity. In cases of high accident rate, the Consortium also turns to other Experts in the market.

Pluvia Risks acts as Expert of the Insured defending its interests against the Consortium Experts, optimizing the indemnity with a professional adjustment and kept within the underwritten Insurance Policy.


PLUVIA RISKS has a very long experience in advisory service of floods that is the commonest Extraordinary Claim. Our senior experts have already participated in the famous floods of Bilbao in 1983, in Alcira in 1987, in several ones occurred in Malaga, in Lorca in 2012, subsequently in the Murcia coast, etc, working claims of industrial bays and plants, shops, restaurants, etc.