Advisory Service for Fire Claims

Cold-storage warehouse – Amorebieta (Vizcaya) November 2001

Damage to stocks:      Pts. 1,300,000

Fire in BECARA Bays buildings Valdemoro (Madrid) year 2005

Damage:  € 8,000,000

Fire in Cheese factory Arcicollar (Toledo)

Damage: € 2,600,000

Fire in outer treeless land Tyre Plant Ceutí (Murcia)

Damage: € 1,000,000

Fire in 18.000 tonne Biomass Alcantarilla (Murcia)

Fire in bakery factory Santander

Damage: € 3,000,000

Fire in Warehouse of Canning Company Vigo (Pontevedra)

Damage: € 6,000,000

Fire in Yelmo Cinema Albacete

Damage: € 4,000,000

Fire in TV set Pinto (Madrid)

Damage: € 2,000,000

Fire in Cheese Factory Bays Avila

Damage: € 6,000,000

Fire in Chemical Product warehouse Fuenlabrada (Madrid)

Damage and L of P.: € 2,000,000

Fire in Cheese factory Guetaria (Guipuzcoa)

Damage and L of P.: € 2,000,000

Fire in Large Pig Farm Lucillos (Madrid)

Damage and L of P.: € 2,500,000

Fire in Trawling ship in Marin Shipyard (Pontevedra)

Damage and L of P.: € 4,500,000

Fire in agricultural cooperative Zamora

55,000 Tn grain and building | L of P: € 15,000,000

Fire in shopping mall Cobo Calleja

6,000m2 | Damage: € 4,500,000