Robbery Claims.
Study of Operation alarms

Advisory service for robbery claims                                                                                                                               

Our Team has given advisory service to thousands of robbery claims throughout our professional career, although it is true that most of them have been done for insurance companies. In most of them we have done a forensic study into the breaking of accesses or surmounting of alarm barriers and systems. We proceeded in all of them with special care for the pre-definition of the scene looking for pre-existence of contents to a level of proof. After a detailed study of every object denounced as robbed has been carried out as regards its procedure, location, qualities and quantities, justifying documentation, etc to conclude in a professional and objective valuation in accordance with the policy coverage in order to adjust the appropriate indemnity.

This accumulated experience permits us to deal with our clients as Experts of the Insured with the maximum preparation and professionalism in robbery losses, sacking or theft.




Specialised study of operation of robbery alarms

We have a specialized department that studies the performance of the robbery proof alarm installation and all its components and reconstructs the event, issuing the relevant report in order to define eventual responsibilities of the owner, installation, alarm station or security company.