Claims from Explosion

Explosion in 13th floor of housing in Madrid

Causes and advisory service for Damages and CL: € 1,500,000

Investigation of causes of explosion in residential building in General Pardiñas Street in Madrid

Personal and material damages

Engineering Claims

Causes of Breakdown in Hydro Power Plant Francis Turbine in Duero river, Portugal

Damages and L of P.: € 10,000,000

Advisory Service for Damages and L of P caused in Induction furnace in the centrifugal steel tube factory, Murieta (Navarra)

Damages and L of P.: € 1,500,000

Advisory Service for Damages in inner breakdown in 220/150 KV step-down transformer in Hydro Power Plant Substation. Regua (Portugal)

Damages: € 300,000

Construction Claims

Complaint Defence advisory service for Construction defects in Office Building. Customer Dragados, Rivas (Madrid)

Complaint: € 2,300,000

Damages In housing under construction caused by under pressure. T.R.C Policy. Rivadesella (Asturias)

Damages: € 500,000

Robbery Claims

Robbery in jeweller´s



Robbery in gaming company


Reconstruction of causes and alarm operation for robbery of goods for a value of € 1,800,000 rejected by the Insurance Company.

Recognized Right to Compensation by Court Sentence.