Risk Inspection

We do reports of Risk Inspection in order to classify them as regards probability and severity. Also the definition of necessary actions to improve, reduce or avoid risks. Bearing in mind both Risks of the Environment and Operational Risks.

All this considering preventing Own Hereditary Damage, as eventual claims by Civil Liability.


Risk Management for Companies

Pluvia Risks provides a specialized Risk Management service for PYMEs. (Small and medium Size Companies) Large companies already have their own Risk Management as their size allows it.

However PYMEs because of not having their own department of Risk Management due to the cost implied do not waive the benefits of said specialized management.

The Risk Management offered by Pluvia Risks guarantees revision of the company risks at least once a year, or when they have obviously changed due to purchases or sales of assets or other circumstances. Logically our service starts at first with a global inspection of the risk, providing the specialized report to be delivered to the Broker so that it manages the best insurance with the predefined parameters by us. Our service can be hired either at an annual fixed charge or untimely when required by means of an hourly rate.