Advisory Service for Civil Liability by Fire

Fire in set of bays of 40,000 m2 area in Daganzo (Madrid) Work ordered by TNT Logistics.

Scope of Damages and C.L. € 100,000,000

Intervention as Experts for the C.L. of the fire in Windsor Building, Madrid

Appointed by the Ownership thereof in relation to grouped claimant procedures against said Ownership. Work in main report and five counter-reports as response to others from contrary parties. Total volume of damage: € 200,000,000

Fire in warehouse of heating materials together with annexed bays, total m2 8,000 in Fuenlabrada (Madrid)

Intervention ordered by Materiales de Calefaccion S.A. who is claimed as responsible for the fire. Expert report for Damages and claimed C.L.



Fire in Set of bays of 20,000 m2 area in Arteixo (La Coruña), claimed to vehicle insured in Mutua Madrileña.

Scope of damages and L of P.:  € 50,000,000 Intervention ordered by Mutua Madrileña.





Intervention as experts of Causes for the C.L of the fire in the tower of the new BBVA Head office in Las Tablas, Madrid

Appointed by Ownership

Fire in very advanced work under construction in the Boiled ham factory, Alhama (Murcia)

Intervention ordered by Johnson Control Electric. Scope of damages and C.L.: € 140,000,000

Intervention as experts of Causes of the fire in FAURECIA plant in Abrera (Barcelona)

Appointed by Ownership. (picture downloaded in internet)

Intervention for Advisory Service for damages to third parties on the part of Insured in Claim by Explosion in IQOXE Petrochemical Plant, Tarragona.

(picture downloaded from internet)

Advisory Service for Civil Liability by Operation

Serious damage in 15 MVA power transformer of Almeria Desalination Plant due to negligence of the maintenance company.

Overall damage value: € 450,000. Intervention ordered by said maintenance company since the claim was rejected by the Insurance Company.

Serious production damage in the fibre glass thread factory because of an ill-timed high voltage switch-off, caused by operators of the power company.

Overall damage value and L of P : € 650,000.

Serious production damage in milk bottling plant located in Madrid province caused by a supply of defective machinery.

Intervention ordered by said milk bottling company as neither the manufacturer of the machinery nor its Insurance Company accepted Responsibility.

Serious production damage in glass bottle manufacturing plant located in Tarragona, caused by supply of a polluted product

Overall damage and L of P. value: € 1,400,000.

Intervention ordered by said glass manufacturing Company for advisory service and agreement with the Insurance Company of responsible Company.